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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some of my latest projects at home

I told you all I went on an antique weekend shopping trip in March.  Well here are some pics of one of the finished projects!

My boys, ages 11 and 8, fight constantly while doing homework and I have been wanting to get them there own "old school" desks for their rooms. 

I picked these up for $15/each!! WOW!!  You cannot purchase something like this new for $15 nor can you build it for $15 as solid as they are...  And I'm RECYCLING!!  They each have the front opening for books/storage...Perfect.  Here is a before of one:

After sanding...

My oldest just wanted his to be darker, simple and "old fashioned" like his little old soul! So I just darkened it up with my newest secret weapon!

Desk "after" for oldest son!

My second son is a young "free spirit" and wanted his blue...  I, of course, would not leave it as just solid blue, so I worked some magic....  It's even more adorable in person.

Desk "after" for second son!

And I am pleased to share that homework time is MUCH more peaceful which definitely makes for a more harmonious home!!  All for the price of $30 and about 30 minutes of my time!!

I have many, many more projects that I came home with and will post my before and after shots to share with you all!!

Thanks for looking!


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