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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Salvaged Cypress Window turned "Chic Chalkboard"!

Our refinished, salvaged, cypress window turns into a Chic chalkboard! This cutie is finished in Teal and the bold contrast with the blackboard is stunning!!

 Available for sale...

All original hardware remain, including the rope.  We think this will look amazing paired with a vintage backplate and crystal door knob to be mounted on the wall and hung by the rope!! (See pics below). Just ask and we can include that pair with your purchase for an additional $35. 

These are LIMITED in quantity at the moment so reserve yours today.  You can do solid blackboard (chalk), solid cork board or combination chalk and cork.  

Here is a combination Chalk/Cork finished in a minty "Sea Glass" and walnut finish:

 Available for sale ...

This is my personal piece and is hung on a vintage crystal door knob and vintage, rustic backplate.  I chose double cork as I have a large chalk board in my kitchen. This one is finished in a minty "Sea Glass" and walnut finish.

 (This one is Not for Sale but can be duplicated in the smaller window size)

Up close of finish...

Up close of original hardware piece...

Hung by original rope from vintage crystal door knob and backplate!  LOVE!

Up close of vintage crystal knob and backplate.

So, now you've seen all three combos. Choose which one works best for your needs!

Also, if Teal or Sea Glass do not fit your color pallette/decor, let us know what color you have in mind!!

To purchase one of these salvaged cypress windows, (Teal Chalkboard or Sea Glass chalk/cork combo), or to custom order your own chalkboard, cork board (or combo), email us at courtlynandcompany@gmail.com.

Thanks for looking y'all!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Shadows on the Teche 2013 Fall Art & Craft Show!

Our first outdoor show with a tent experience and all!! Despite a little rain, we had a GREAT day and loved meeting new and old friends!  Thanks New Iberia for a great experience!

Here are a few pics of our booth space! It was a family affair so you will see my three children and hubby!!  What a GREAT experience to share with them!

Chalkboards and Dry erase boards now available!!

We are working on more size and design options daily, but here are three that we've done so far!! 

We have incorporated vintage elements in all three as well!!

This 16x24 blackboard (Chalk) incorporates a vintage handle to complete the look! It's functional too!! Hang a cleaning rag, tie your chalk to it....or admire its beauty!  Finished in a truly Rustic Pearl. (Total dimensions are ~ 28x36)

Here is the first dry erase blackboard we've done.  A custom ordered 16x24 and finished in Fawn Spice adorned with a Vintage Crystal door knob and rustic backplate.  LOVE!!

(Total dimensions are ~ 28x36)

 (Pic from client hanging)

Another custom ordered Chalk black board, measuring 18x26 (total dimensions are ~ 30x38). Also finished in Fawn Spice and adorned with a Vintage Crystal door knob and rustic backplate.

We will be incorporating chalk and cork board into reclaimed cypress windows.  Those will be available soon!! We have a couple sizes to choose from with those.

Love what you see? Choose your size, style, color combo and ask us to customize one for you!! 
Email us at courtlynandcompany@gmail.com to purchase and customize your very own!! Thanks for looking!!