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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Custom Bridal Portrait

This custom piece was a thrill to work on for a very special bride!  She requested we put a spin on our 6" Pearl Base, turn it into an 8" Pearl Base with an inside cove and finish it off in our very popular Fawn Spice Finish....

And the result was stunning!!!!

Ah...mazing!!!! The portrait was GORGEOUS and the frame with the portrait = breathtaking!! 
The Portrait was a 16x24" so on the 8" base, the approximate dimensions are a solid 32" x 40"!

Up close corner.

See the inside cove??  Gives the illusion of a matted, three dimensional framed portrait!

Now, on display at the reception venue!!  So PROUD!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reclaimed cypress at its finest, part two!!

We LOVE taking reclaimed beautiful wood and turning them into beauties!! Especially cypress!!

Like this!  WOW!

 (This one is SOLD and delivered!  Sorry!)

You get a BEAUTIFUL Double Hinge Frame out of reclaimed cypress and and accented with a GORGEOUS Vintage Hinge!

Up close of the beautiful grain of the wood....

This is the second Hinge frame we make with reclaimed cypress...(plus one more 4x6 Double waiting for completion makes three!).

So, much, fun!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

5x7 4" Pearl Frame

This is another fan favorite, design and color!  The smaller version of our massive 6" Pearl design, here is the 4" in Silver Spice with walnut and butter undertones!  A TRUE BEAUTY!!

This 5x7 is what we call a TRIPLE Layer. $95 
Total dimensions are approximately 13" x15". 

To purchase, comment "SOLD" and email us at Courtlynandcompany@gmail.com to complete the transaction.  Shipping is available.

Pearl with Peacock corners

A 5x7 in our beautiful Pearl finish with a pop of Peacock in the decorative corners.

5x7 $55 Total Dimensions are approximately 13"x15". 

To purchase, comment "SOLD" and email us at courtlynandcompany@gmail.com to complete the transaction.  Shipping is available.

5x7 Frame in "Raw Rustic" finish

Here is a new take on a classic combination that is a fan favorite...  Calling it "Raw Rustic Finish"

$55. Total dimensions are approximately 13" x 15". 

To purchase, comment "SOLD" and email us at courtlynandcompany@gmail.com to complete the transaction. Shipping is available...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

13 days until Christmas!!

Christmas is fast approaching!! What better gift for that difficult person to buy for than a HANDCRAFTED item made from new and recycled materials by a girl who loves pearls and power tools, and the hubby that has had to step up and help her build to keep up with her awesome clients!!  Courtlyn and Company is now a "Husband & Wife Team" with occasional help from our two boys, ages 13 and 9 and LOTS of admiration and praise from our 3 year old daughter!!  Seriously!!

I'm sharing some of our inventory pieces that are available for quick delivery/shipping!

To purchase, simply comment "item number", "sold" and then email me at courtlynandcompany@gmail.com to complete the payment and delivery transactions.

Happy shopping!!

Hooks! $25/each. These are flying off of our display at our most recent shows!
When selecting a certain hook, comment "top row, left", or middle row, right", etc...

5x7 Triple Stack in Beige and rustic Orange finish on a 6" base.  Total dimensions are approximately 17" x 19".  $150

A beautiful 5x7 in Silver and Walnut finish with rustic oval corners in buttercream.  Gorgeous!  Total dimensions are approximately 13" x 15".  $55

A super cool 4x6 Pearl finish with Rustic cross.  Simple, rustic and elegant!  Total dimensions are approximately 12" x 14".  $45

A stunning 5x7 DoubleStack Braid in Antique White and Walnut finish.  Ahhhh, refreshingly gorgeous!  Total dimensions are approximately 13" x 15".  $75

Reclaimed cypress window turned chic chalkboard and corkboard combination in Sea Glass finish! Can't say enough about how much we LOVE these!! With original hardware and rope!  $195

Love these chalkboards!!  16x24 chalk board opening in a 6" base frame with a vintage backpack and crystal door knob finished in Teal and walnut.  Sooooo pretty and functional!  Make your to do lists, grocery lists, or inspirational quotes pop on your wall! We have sold several like this with the door knobs and vintage hardware! Total dimensions are approximately 28" x 36". $275

Our SUPER POPULAR Design and Color finish!!  The 6" Pearl Base in Fawn Spice finish has been a Best seller for us in all sizes! This 5x7 makes a gorgeous statement on any wall color. Total dimensions are approximately 17" x 19".  $150

This gorgeous chunky Ballet Slipper pink frame is also a favorite. This 5x7 is available in the pink, Alabaster White and Baby Blue.  
Alabaster White
Baby Blue
Total dimensions are approximately 13" x 15". $70/each

This Fun twist on our classic and very popular Antique Black finish is also a hit!  These Rustic, yet elegant roses add just the right pop of color for the ultimate shabby chic look!! This 5x7 measures approximately 13" x 15".  $65

Our super popular VINTAGE VICTORIAN HINGE FRAMES!! This is the fan favorite finish, Antique Black.  We have a couple to choose from, a 5x7 double and a 4x6 double in this finish.  More on the way in a different, yet beautiful, color combo and also, a double 4x6 reclaimed cypress in Pearl finish.... Gorgeous!!  These are another "Best Seller" for us!!  This Double 5x7 is $155.  The Double 4x6 in Antique Black Finish is $125.  Perfect to display those beautiful Christmas pics of the kids and family!! 

We have lots more to choose from!  Just sharing our most popular colors and designs.  You can check out our fan page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/CourtlynCompany) to see more or just ask us!  If there is a specific color, size, etc you are looking for, we may already have it made!!

Thanks for looking and thank you all for your continued support!  My family and I appreciate each and every one of you!  Our customers are the BEST and continue to come back for more!! The best!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Junior Auxiliary of Abbeville's UnWined event!

What a fantastic night! The Junior Auxiliary members hosted a class act event! Extremely well organized, amazing southern hospitality and most importantly, some fantastic new relationships established!! Thank you Abbeville for welcoming us!!

Here are a few pics of our booth space!!


Today only, take advantage of 10% off of any inventory piece available!!

See something in this pic you LOVE!! Ask if it is still available!  

Check out our Facebook page to see more pics.  We have multiple albums of our pieces there.  If you aren't sure if its available, comment on the pic and ask.  We may have made another and didn't repost a pic.