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Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Work and OH SO VERY INSPIRED!!

So, I returned home yesterday after a 4 day, ladies only, antique shopping trip to Texas!!!  Cannot even tell you how many calories we burned walking in the Texas sun for miles and miles of "Treasure Hunting".  But well worth the aching legs and feet because "TREASURES" we found!!  Lots of ideas, new finishing techniques, etc...  I even brought home all of the necessary pieces to make an Island/Bar table for the kitchen which will include awesome and unique, old columns and a super cool pair of solid, raised panel shutters that still have their original hardware and latches.  Oh my, I cannot wait!! And neither can the hubby too, which is also so very exciting!!  I brought home several other pieces of furniture that will need a little TLC but no worries, they are in good hands!!  I'll just have to squeeze that in with all of the regular household duties/chores, 3 children, landscaping to be done, and of course, frame making!

As for today, I tried to beat the rain and in 30 minutes planted the following 3 gallon shrubs/plants:  1 Azalea, 3 Indian Hawthornes, 3 ShiShi Camelias and 1 Hydrangea....in 30 minutes!!  When I started digging for the last Camelia, the wind picked up, skies turned dark and the rain started whipping sideways!! But, I was determined and one side is almost complete! We started a landscaping overhaul 2 weeks ago which is why I haven't posted many new frames lately. But not to worry!!  My brain is on overload and I will be rolling out many this month!  So, as always, stay tuned!!  Lot's of creativity working here!

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!!


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