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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

11X14 Personal Frame and Favorite!

I am posting better pics of this monster, 11X14 member of my personal frame collection.  It is NOT for sale but I want to share with you all anyway...  (We can, however duplicate a similar frame)...

The total dimensions of this beauty are ~ 26" X 29" and is what we call a "Triple Layer" frame because it consists of 3 layers of materials atop the base frame.  It is solid and heavy!! (I had posted this before, but the color just did not do it justice.  So, I made a second attempt and it is pretty close.)

Up Close, top corner
This finish is Salvia/Walnut (A light green/with walnut tint)

About 5 fence posts wide!!

Bottom corner....Beautiful detail!!
When I took this BIG love off of my wall to take photos of it, my wall was suddenly BARE!!  I couldn't wait to hang it back but needed the help of my hubby to lift overhead (old shoulder issues lol).

Thanks for looking, as always.  I just wanted to share with you all more of what we can do!!  Let me know if you have a very special picture/memory you would like to enhance with a piece of "wall art/furniture" handmade by me (and now with the help of my hubby!!).

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