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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Monstrosity is Complete!!

This was by far - the LARGEST project we have ever worked on, Literally!!  But, with every new challenge, we learn A LOT!!

Here is a fullsize pic of the BEAST!!  And yes, that is me standing next to it to show scale!!  I am only a whopping 5'2", so you get the picture!!  I just hope they can actually get this in the service elevator or else, they will be carrying it up 17 flights of stairs!!  I refuse to witness this process as I am just a "Nervous Nelly"!

Total Dimensions are 90 1/2" X 69" = HUGE!!!

Here is a corner pic with framed cork board.

This is a corner pic with the map.

Finish is "Burnt Mahogany"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Auction update!

I donated this precious little 4X6 beauty to my little cousin's school Auction/Fundraiser.  I am told it auctioned for $50!!  AWESOME!!  That's so exciting!

Finish is Hosta/Walnut

Picture opening is 4X6
Total dimensions of this beauty are 11x13

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This MONSTER ( ~ 6ft X 8ft) has been taking up my living and dining room for almost a week now!!   It has definitely been a 2 person job as it is SO large to handle!!  Not completely put together but I had to share what's been up in the workshop for the last week.  Behind this map is a CORK BOARD!!!  Pretty genius but a LOT of work and creativity!! Oh and the frame itself is a complete one of a kind design made from scratch!! Our 1st attempt on such a LARGE scale!!

This is a peek of the Corner!!

Up Close of Corner!
Finish is what I will call "Burnt Mahogany"

It's so LARGE, I cannot get the whole thing in the pic!

It's a Map of Shreveport for a conference room wall!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

11X14 Personal Frame and Favorite!

I am posting better pics of this monster, 11X14 member of my personal frame collection.  It is NOT for sale but I want to share with you all anyway...  (We can, however duplicate a similar frame)...

The total dimensions of this beauty are ~ 26" X 29" and is what we call a "Triple Layer" frame because it consists of 3 layers of materials atop the base frame.  It is solid and heavy!! (I had posted this before, but the color just did not do it justice.  So, I made a second attempt and it is pretty close.)

Up Close, top corner
This finish is Salvia/Walnut (A light green/with walnut tint)

About 5 fence posts wide!!

Bottom corner....Beautiful detail!!
When I took this BIG love off of my wall to take photos of it, my wall was suddenly BARE!!  I couldn't wait to hang it back but needed the help of my hubby to lift overhead (old shoulder issues lol).

Thanks for looking, as always.  I just wanted to share with you all more of what we can do!!  Let me know if you have a very special picture/memory you would like to enhance with a piece of "wall art/furniture" handmade by me (and now with the help of my hubby!!).

Anyone in the market for a unique Towel hook rack?

This towel hook rack is made from new and recycled materials completely refinished and put together by me last week!  My husband wants me to keep it but I really don't have a wall for it in this house...

So, for the right price, I may consider selling it...  Let me know if you have an offer...

The base is more golden (dark cream) than pictured...

Up Close.  Still, the base color is a little more golden "bone" color.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some of my latest projects at home

I told you all I went on an antique weekend shopping trip in March.  Well here are some pics of one of the finished projects!

My boys, ages 11 and 8, fight constantly while doing homework and I have been wanting to get them there own "old school" desks for their rooms. 

I picked these up for $15/each!! WOW!!  You cannot purchase something like this new for $15 nor can you build it for $15 as solid as they are...  And I'm RECYCLING!!  They each have the front opening for books/storage...Perfect.  Here is a before of one:

After sanding...

My oldest just wanted his to be darker, simple and "old fashioned" like his little old soul! So I just darkened it up with my newest secret weapon!

Desk "after" for oldest son!

My second son is a young "free spirit" and wanted his blue...  I, of course, would not leave it as just solid blue, so I worked some magic....  It's even more adorable in person.

Desk "after" for second son!

And I am pleased to share that homework time is MUCH more peaceful which definitely makes for a more harmonious home!!  All for the price of $30 and about 30 minutes of my time!!

I have many, many more projects that I came home with and will post my before and after shots to share with you all!!

Thanks for looking!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Ballet Slipper Pink - Now available for sale on Etsy!

I have used Etsy in the past with great success on former creative endeavors.  So, I have decided to list one of the frames yesterday and see how it goes.  My etsy page is www.courtlynandcompany.etsy.com.

Please check it out if you are interested in this little beauty.  Now that it is available for the world's viewing and buying power, and that it is a one of a kind, it will not likely last long!  Get it fast!

As always, thanks so much for looking, spread the word and check back often as we are CONSTANTLY creating unique pieces!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rustic Pearl 4X4 - Available for Sale!!

Check out the "Available Frames for Sale" tab for more information on this cutie!!

4X4 Picture Opening - $45



Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Work and OH SO VERY INSPIRED!!

So, I returned home yesterday after a 4 day, ladies only, antique shopping trip to Texas!!!  Cannot even tell you how many calories we burned walking in the Texas sun for miles and miles of "Treasure Hunting".  But well worth the aching legs and feet because "TREASURES" we found!!  Lots of ideas, new finishing techniques, etc...  I even brought home all of the necessary pieces to make an Island/Bar table for the kitchen which will include awesome and unique, old columns and a super cool pair of solid, raised panel shutters that still have their original hardware and latches.  Oh my, I cannot wait!! And neither can the hubby too, which is also so very exciting!!  I brought home several other pieces of furniture that will need a little TLC but no worries, they are in good hands!!  I'll just have to squeeze that in with all of the regular household duties/chores, 3 children, landscaping to be done, and of course, frame making!

As for today, I tried to beat the rain and in 30 minutes planted the following 3 gallon shrubs/plants:  1 Azalea, 3 Indian Hawthornes, 3 ShiShi Camelias and 1 Hydrangea....in 30 minutes!!  When I started digging for the last Camelia, the wind picked up, skies turned dark and the rain started whipping sideways!! But, I was determined and one side is almost complete! We started a landscaping overhaul 2 weeks ago which is why I haven't posted many new frames lately. But not to worry!!  My brain is on overload and I will be rolling out many this month!  So, as always, stay tuned!!  Lot's of creativity working here!

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!!