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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life size chalkboard with Vintage Architectural Rosettes

Get ready to ooooh and ahhh....

This life size chalkboard was custom created for our home. We used Vintage Architectural Rosettes dating back to the 1800's!  The complete design was crafted around those pieces.  I'm a fan of all things "Fluted" and LOVE Rosettes!! Especially ones with nail holes and dating back so long ago!

Everything else but the Rosettes was crafted by the husband and I think he did an amazing job bringing the vision to life!!

Total dimensions are - 27 1/2" X 59 3/4"
Yes, almost taller than me!!

Amazing side view to show the 2" depth and curves of the base and another 2" depth of the ancient Rosette!

Our color inspiration!!

Love what you see??  NEED a Mirror or chalkboard or frame like this??  Email us @ courtlynandcompany@gmail.com.

And as always, THANKS for looking!! And feel free to share!!


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