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Monday, July 15, 2013

My sweet Em's 3rd birthday party....Vintage, Shabby Chic Strawberry style!

My sweet Em is turning three and her favorite since she was about 14 months is Strawberry Shortcake.  Now, I don't mind a bit, since I too LOVED Strawberry Shortcake as a little girl. I actually enjoy watching with her!  

So, this year, we were finally able to have a full fledged party in our own home for the first time (my oldest is 12 1/2) where mostly all of our family and close friends were able to come!!  We have lived away for 12 long years... So, it was only befitting we have the sweetest party ever!! Full of strawberries!

I hit Pinterest for my starting points, and I'll share what we finally came up with.

Since we are still fairly new to our home, I haven't made drapery for our dining room yet, but have the rod hanging.  Perfect blank canvas for our backdrop!

Red and fuchsia tulle with shabby chic fabric streamers and fabric flowers in red, hot pink and a touch of green!

We had the most delicious Fresh Strawberry Cake from a local bakery, Ambrosia Bakery, in Baton Rouge.  They ship!!! And I do recommend it! The best ever!! Look them up!

I used a traditional white tablecloth and streamed another shabby chic fabric streamer across the front!

All of our snacks had to follow suit with our theme, a bowl of strawberries with cool whip dip, green grapes with strawberry yogurt dip, chips and salsa, red velvet cup cakes, twizlers in a glass vase, red and pink only starbursts....  I made strawberry lemonade and had lemon/strawberry water in a beverage dispenser with mason jar glasses!  A huge hit!

Our games were a hit too!  We had pink and green water balloons to toss into a pink and white hoolla hoop.  In place of pin the tail on the donkey, we "taped" the seed on the strawberry...bullseye was the center! And of course, a red bubble machine!

The blind fold!


Now, how about my sweet's adorable dress?!?!?  My super talented Sister in law made it just for this occasion.  She can help you out too.  Look her up on Facebook, Alex & Jolie, by Staci Sieber Courtois.

Her pose!

The BACK!!

Of course, her favorite present was from Mommy and Papa!!

On display, some of our favorite pics in our very own Courtlyn & Company frames!  So pretty!!

Overall, we had a home full of love to celebrate our sweet baby girl's 3rd birthday.  So....much....fun!! 

So blessed!

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this day super sweetly, special!

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