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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fawn Spice!! A NEW personal frame for my Master Bath!!

I have to share this personal frame with you all as it is not only a hit in our home, but our Facebook fans are loving it too!!

I have made this design of frame before, but this is by far the largest I have made it.  This is a 27x27 pic opening.  And with a NEW color combo, it's unlike anything I have done to date.  I credit the inspiration of color to the pic, however.  A poster I purchased on Art.com.  I'm extremely pleased with the end result. And that's a feat for me when it comes to my personal projects....always thinking I will come up with a better design or color combo on someone else's projects and wishing I'd have done that for my own.... Ah, it's a never ending battle of the creative mind.

Anyway, here are the pics.  Feel free to share, pin on Pinterest, go like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/CourtlynCompany) and comment!!  

And if you would like to purchase a frame like this, please comment to ask how!!  I posted these pics today on Facebook and have already received a request for an 8x10 just like it.  You can too!! 
(I'm also working on a 20x30, same design but slightly different shade of sliver/grey) with 2-8x10's and an 11x14 in the smaller size design... Be looking for those pics hopefully next week!!

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